No more Australian visa labels

Labels for Australian visas won’t be issued from September 1 in a move designed to streamline visa processing and encourage digital service use.

The practice of obtaining visa labels often resulted in unnecessary expenses, delays and inconvenience for clients and stakeholders. Offering these services digitally is an efficient, economical and sustainable solution.

The step is part of a Department-wide strategy to provide accessible and efficient digital services to clients in line with the Australian Government’s digital agenda.

The Department has always been keen to embrace new technologies and already issues and records all visas electronically.

This provides real-time visa information to registered organisations and other appropriate stakeholders as well as visa holders themselves through the free Visa Entitlement Verification Online service or the myVEVO mobile app.  Airline staff use the Advance Passenger Processing system to confirm that a passenger has a valid Australian visa.

Visa holders can also provide evidence that they have the authority to enter and remain in Australia by simply showing their passport or ImmiCard linked to their electronic visa record.

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