Melbourne man charged with importing Steroids

A 27 year-old Melbourne man is due to face court next month after illegally importing a range of steroids and Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs (PIEDs) into Australia.

Australian Border Force (ABF) investigators targeted the man after they intercepted international mail packages from December 2015 through to February 2016. The initial detection led to a further investigation into an online website facilitating local distribution of the prohibited substances.

Between 8 December 2015 and 18 February 2016, ABF investigators intercepted more than 18 consignments containing PIEDs in various forms:

  • Testosterone powder;
  • Ampules of Human Grown Hormone;
  • Clenbuterol tablets;
  • Stanozolol tablets;
  • Therapeutic goods for use in humans.

As a result of the above seizures, ABF investigators executed search and seizure warrants at various addresses at properties in Melbourne. During the warrant activity, ABF investigators seized the following PIEDs and other items:

  • Ampules of Human Growth Hormone;
  • Vials of anabolic / androgenic substances;
  • Clenbuterol tablets;
  • Stanozolol tablets;
  • Various medicines described as Therapeutic goods for use in humans;
  • Vials, lids and packaging.

The man will face a range of charges including:

  • ten counts of importing a prohibited substance, those prohibited substances being androgenic and / or anabolic substances contrary to section 233(1)(b) of the Customs Act 1901.
  • one count of importing a quantity of an anabolic and/ or androgenic substance contrary to section 233BAA(4) of the Customs Act 1901.
  • eight counts of importing a therapeutic good for use in humans contrary to section 19B(4)(a)(i) of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989.
  • one count of trafficking in two or more drugs of dependence that is not less than a commercial quantity contrary to section 71AA of the Drugs, Poisons And Controlled Substances Act 1984.
  • two counts of possessing drugs of dependence under section 73(1) of the Drugs, Poisons And Controlled Substances Act 1984.

ABF Commander Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Clint Sims said importing steroids or PIEDs without a permit is illegal and offenders will be prosecuted.

“These seizures are another example of the ABF’s ongoing commitment to stamp out the illicit importation of dangerous drugs and protecting the Australian community.”

“If you import steroids or other performance and image enhancing drugs without a permit you’re breaking the law and you will face the consequences,” Commander Sims said.

The man is scheduled to reappear in Melbourne Magistrate’s Court on 23 February 2017.

Media contact: Immigration and Border Protection (02) 6264 2244

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