Clarifying statement on Operation Fortitude

The Australian Border Force (ABF) will not be ‘stopping people at random’ in Melbourne to ‘check people’s papers’ as reported in media this morning regarding Operation Fortitude.

As stated in this morning’s press release, the ABF will be assisting in a joint operation led by Victoria Police in Melbourne this weekend.

To be clear:

  • This is a joint agency operation led by Victoria Police. 
  • The ABF will assist other agencies in this operation by conducting background visa checks on individuals who are referred to us by Victoria Police and other agencies.
  • The ABF is but one of eight agencies assisting in this operation.
  • The ABF does not and will not stop people at random in the streets and does not target on the basis of race, religion, or ethnicity.
  • Joint operations of this type are common and were previously conducted by Departmental immigration officers.

ABF activity will occur at only two of the numerous locations where Operation Fortitude will be carried out in the Melbourne CBD this weekend.

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