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Illegal fishers sentenced in Darwin

Fifteen Vietnamese fishers found out that attempting to plunder Australian marine resources will result in severe consequences yesterday when they were found guilty of illegal fishing in Australian waters. The crew and vessel were appre... Read More →

Illegal fish pirates jailed

Fifteen illegal Vietnamese fishers faced the harsh reality of illegal fishing in Australian waters in the Darwin Magistrates Court on Tuesday with several crew sentenced to jail time. The 15 crew were all sentenced to two months suspend... Read More →

New Departmental headquarters in ACT

Recent media reporting on the Department’s submission to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works (PWC) for a long-term office accommodation solution for the ACT has been inaccurate and misleading. The media reporting ... Read More →

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Safety of staff and the community_PIA from 26 Sept 2016

DIBP is doing everything it can to ensure the safety of staff an… More →

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Please remain patient_PIA from 26 Sept 2016

The action is taking place of school holiday period. We ask the … More →

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Locations of PIA_PIA from 26 Sept

Proposed action is in aviation, international mail, trade and ma… More →