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What is 'My Basket'?

The 'My Basket' feature allows users to add media (photos, videos) to their own basket while browsing the site. As you add or remove content while browsing the site, you'll notice a number next to the 'My Basket' that reflects the number of items in the basket. Once finished collecting all of the media assets desired, you can return to the 'My Basket' page to view and edit or empty the contents of your basket, email the basket to a friend or colleague or download a ZIP file with the contents of your basket.


Press Releases

At the top of every press releases, you'll find a 'Related Documents' section which includes a Text file (.TXT) and other related files (if available). To download the text version or any other related document, click the add button next to the desired document. When you click this button, it will change from a green, plus button to a red, minus button. To remove the release from your basket, just click the remove button.



When previewing a video in the multimedia section of the site, you can add the playing video via the file-version links to the right of the video player. To remove an added video, just click the remove button link that appears next to the added video.

When browsing video thumbnails, each thumbnail features an 'Add to Basket' button. Clicking this button will reveal a menu from which you can select the type(s) of videos you want to add to your basket. To remove an added video, just click the title or remove button of the video again. To close the pop-up menu, click the red 'Close' link at the bottom of the menu.



You can add the previewed photo via the download button to the right of the large photo. To remove the added photo, just click the remove button that appears next to the added photo.

The photo thumbnails have one-click add to basket icons. Click the large 'add' icon to add the photo to your basket. The image downloaded is the largest available format photo. To remove an added photo, click the remove button that appears when you add a photo to your basket.